Turin, 22 February 2022

​IVECO has selected the Maganetti Group as its third IVECO Ambassador for being a transport operator that shares the brand’s belief in natural gas and for its contribution to protecting the environment by running their fleet of IVECO vehicles on LNG and Bio-LNG. The appointment is part of the international IVECO Ambassador programme, an initiative aiming to raise awareness of the brand’s values on a range of issues, with sustainability being the topmost priority.

The Maganetti Group’s appointment as an IVECO Ambassador follows the selection of GLS Italy for Italy and Nicholls Transport for England – transport operators that have had the opportunity to share their experience with natural gas and the resulting advantages for their businesses. In addition, the Maganetti Group will play their part in planting 50 trees in the “IVECO Forest” through the partnership with e-commerce platform Treedom, as the other Italian Ambassadors have done.

Headquartered in Tirano in the province of Sondrio, the Maganetti Group offers an industrial transport service structured to support its customers in all their logistics needs, from loading up to final delivery of the products. Commitment to sustainability is at the core of the Maganetti Group, as a BCorp-certified benefit corporation which has also set out its articles of association to include social and environmental objectives. Quality of transport and service, along with efficiency, are objectives which the company is pursuing with sustainability in mind by monitoring and reducing vehicle emissions and introducing advanced biofuels, encouraging logistics chains to think in terms of their economic and environmental impact.

Matteo Lorenzo De Campo, managing director of the Maganetti Group, said: For us, it was essential to establish a close partnership with a major manufacturer capable of powering up sustainability, and IVECO is this partner. Our objective is to have a truly zero-impact fleet within the next nine years. We made the decision to transition vehicles to an alternative propulsion by weighing up all the pillars of sustainability, that is the potential social, economic and environmental impacts. Our analysis back in 2014 led us to believe that this technology was logistically viable, economically sustainable, and environmentally beneficial.”

Fabrizio Buffa, IVECO Italy Market Alternative Propulsions Manager, stated: “We are proud of the partnership with transport operators who share our commitment to social and environmental sustainability. This is demonstrated by our long-standing partnership with the Maganetti Group, a solid, forward-looking company that has grasped the full advantages of this technology, and which we are honoured to appoint as IVECO Ambassador. For us at IVECO, natural gas continues to be the immediate and technologically mature solution to the decarbonisation of the sector. In fact, vehicles that currently run on fossil methane can be fuelled by biomethane, a fuel that can achieve a reduction in emissions of up to 121%, as demonstrated in a recent industry study by the CNR, (the National Research Council of Italy)”.

A pioneer of natural gas technology with over 20 years’ experience, IVECO is driving the transition to this sustainable fuel in the transport sector. A leader in the European market having sold over 45,000 natural gas-powered vehicles, IVECO is the first manufacturer to market natural gas-powered heavy duty vehicles specifically designed for long-distance international routes. In fact, the IVECO S-WAY LNG has an exceptional range of up to 1600 km and, using Bio-LNG, it is possible to achieve a fully circular economy process.